Inequality and poverty

  • May 30, 2018

    Who is poor?

    Who is poor? How can policymakers identify households that are poor? This pair of questions, intersecting yet separate, have plagued academics, policymakers and civil society members around the world.

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"Economists neglect the homeless phenomenon because it is difficult to reconcile with the rigid behavioural assumptions of mainstream economics"

"By framing the #refugee as a burden, rather than a potential contributor, governments tend to exclude refugees from essential #socialprotection schemes. This not only increases their #vulnerability but moreover hinders their long-term #development."

This poster created by the white ribbon alliance explains #respectfulmaternitycare #rmc

Our #mission: #advocate #socialjustice through #evidencebased #research.

Why not use income #data as a proxy for #poverty? Sharan on the methodological issues of poverty reduction

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