EU Volunteer on Integrated Natural Resource Management, Dushambe

Background on ACTED

Depuis 1993, l’ONG ACTED répond aux besoins humanitaires des populations dans les situations de crise et au respect de leur dignité, tout en favorisant et mettant en œuvre des opportunités pour un développement durable, en investissant dans les potentiels de l’Homme. ACTED s’engage à répondre aux urgences et à développer la résilience face aux situations de crise, à co-construire une gouvernance effective, et à promouvoir une croissance inclusive et durable. Nous œuvrons sur le dernier kilomètre de l’action humanitaire : notre mission est de sauver des vies et de répondre aux besoins essentiels des populations dans les zones les plus difficiles d’accès. ACTED met en œuvre plus de 490 projets par an auprès de 11 millions de bénéficiaires dans 35 pays, pour un budget de 190 millions d’euros. Nos équipes sont composées de 300 staff internationaux et 4300 staff nationaux.


Country profile

ACTED has been operating in Tajikistan since 1996, taking a multi-sector and multidisciplinary approach to social and economic development, and tailoring its responses to the needs of local populations. Over the past 17 years, ACTED in Tajikistan has implemented many projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, UN agencies (especially in collaboration with UNHCR, UNICEF and UNDP), the European Commission, the EBRD, USAID, DFID, the Swiss Development Cooperation and the World Bank. ACTED’s programmes in Tajikistan reflect the nexus between emergency relief and development which has seen the organization adopt a long term approach towards the development of the country. ACTED’s strategy is aimed at contributing to the eradication of poverty by facilitating equitable proper economic growth and decentralized development management, whilst also promoting environmental sustainability.


ACTED’s 2012-2014 strategy in Tajikistan was focused on three interconnected pillars:

●Rural Economic Development

●Local Governance

●Disaster Risk Reduction.


Several themes crosscut ACTED’s interventions and are crucial elements in its country strategy:

●Building capacities and competencies at the local level through community-based and community-led initiatives;

●Promoting dialogue and platforms between all relevant stakeholders, including communities, governmental structures, and line ministries;

●Supporting sustainability of development through cost-effective and locally “owned” projects.


In line with ACTED strategy in Tajikistan, ACTED strongly believes that local governance initiatives, combined with a focus on effective water and natural resource management holds potential in terms of contributing most effectively towards long term development in Tajikistan.


Position profile

●Revise all existing approaches and methodologies used by ACTED in watershed management through INRM

●Conduction of field visits to sites of relevant projects with a aim to observe situation at the field and needs of target sector;

●Analyse of country context and desk revue of watershed management sector

●Update methodological materials to be used by ACTED mission under watershed management sector (take into account findings of analyses), notably: 1) Methodology for watershed assessment; 2) Methodology for watershed management planning; 3) Structural and non-structural measures to be applied in Tajikistan for slowing down erosion/degradation processes;

●Based on developed methodological materials to conduct capacity building session with ACTED relevant staff through practical exercise in the field level



• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in humanitarian studies / Political Science / Project Development

• Fluent English (written and spoken), excellent writing and communication skills;

• Prior work experience with an INGO in the agriculture and/or rural development sector

• Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment;

• Good organisational and prioritisation skills;

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office;



EU Volunteer benefits include: subsistence allowances in line with EU Aid Volunteer daily allowances (289.46 euros per month), coverage of all accommodation in the ACTED guesthouse, travel costs, a luggage allowance of 100 kg, provision of medical, repatriation, and life insurance, reimbursement of visas and vaccinations costs and resettlement allowance.



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Water Sanitation Hygiene



Years of Experience

0-3 years


Saturday 20 May 2017