Energy and Environment

Climate change, urban pollution, and the preservation of biodiversity are currently the key global challenges facing politicians and practitioners. Despite increasing attention on the link between sustainability and development, climate change will disproportionately affect least-developed economies and the poorest people throughout the world. In addition, rapidly growing urban populations stress our water supply and sanitation infrastructure, and place onerous demands on local, regional and global development programs. And, in low-income countries, increasing competition for land and resources has led to agricultural intensification and to rising concerns related to deforestation, biodiversity and sustainable food production.
The purpose of this research programme is to provide interdisciplinary analysis in order to better understand how people and the natural world are affected by development decisions. Coverage includes: ethical and philosophical aspects of climate change, agriculture, sanitation, water, biodiversity, malnutrition, and development, as well as interactions between formal and informal actors on each of these topics.


Climate change

Food and water security

Agriculture and rural development

Renewable energy

Nuclear energy


Daniel Callies | A-id: Agenda for International Development

Daniel Callies

Research Associate

Dominic Lenzi | A-id: Agenda for International Development

Dominic Lenzi

Research Associate

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