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  • Agosto 24, 2021

    Migrant domestic...

    The crisis unleashed by COVID-19 reveals and intensifies the violence, hierarchies and structural roots of the oppression, exploitation and inequality of the colonial capitalist patriarchy. 

  • Agosto 24, 2021


    This special issue presents a range of cases studies from Latin America and Africa, in sectors as diverse as domestic and care workers, waste pickers, migrants and refugees.

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    The crisis...

    The coronavirus has definitely exposed several forms of intolerance and deep phobia toward non-heteronormativity and Queer perspectives and practices.

  • Giugno 14, 2020

    Why regenerative...

    In the post-Covid world, we see an increased awareness and demand for local products and a new appreciation of the importance of strong local communities. By prioritising the restoration of our soils and ecosystems, we can heal our economy and build a truly resilient and thriving society.

  • Febbraio 14, 2020

    Ethical Organisational...

    Organisations might claim they do tell refugees about the known risks, but that many risks are not known. Organisation can still take additional steps to improve refugees’ knowledge prior to return

  • Marzo 30, 2019

    The growth...

    The development of architecture targeting vulnerable populations such as the homeless is not a new phenomenon, but there appears to be a growing recognition of the implications of such design trends upon social injustice.

  • Febbraio 10, 2019

    1.5°C: What’s...

    The science is clear—it’s time for our resolve and action to follow suit.

  • Luglio 30, 2018

    Towards a...

    The past few months have seen the continued arrivals of refugees and displaced people in Europe, most of whom have fled war and conflict, persecution or different forms of protracted emergencies such as pervasive poverty.