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  • Gennaio 25, 2023

    Let’s Start...

    ust as preferred gender pronouns are intended to promote equity and inclusion for transgender and genderqueer people, we should also think of our migration vocabulary as a way to dignify people from diverse backgrounds on the move and to de-colonize our knowledge.

  • Maggio 23, 2022

    Women’s Mental...

    Women’s financial empowerment and mental health might be linked by a bi-directional causal relationship.

  • Maggio 23, 2022

    Learnings from...

    Budget Rani aims to design a programme that can meet the different needs of women by navigating government policy, gender norms, literacy and access to technology.

  • Maggio 23, 2022

    Periods and...

    The occurrence of a womxns menstrual cycle should not be at the cost of their inclusion in a market-based system. This calls for a gendered exploration and an expanded conceptual understanding of the macro-economic indicator of labour productivity.

  • Maggio 23, 2022

    Spending and...

    We want women to save, to invest, to control their own finance and be financially independent. Yet expenses, many of which are sudden and unexpected, ruin the best laid plans for financial independence.

  • Gennaio 3, 2022

    Anti-Asian Violence...

    The violence of 1603 marks the origin of an historical genealogy tethered to the present. The hyper-sexualization of Asian men and women, a fundamental trope of the pop culture lexicon, has a bloody past. There is no indication that this trend has diminished. I

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    Complacency and...

    A host of cultural and institutional factors has created an environment of complacency and lack of compliance. In which case, the third wave of the pandemic will be more tragic than anything we can conceive.

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    The crisis...

    The coronavirus has definitely exposed several forms of intolerance and deep phobia toward non-heteronormativity and Queer perspectives and practices.

  • Maggio 19, 2021

    Covid-19 Responses...

    With the continued monetary and fiscal policy support along with other policy measures, the MSME sector has the potential to emerge as one of the crucial means of inclusive growth.   

  • Marzo 15, 2020

    Curbing Medical...

    Healthcare is a field plagued by information asymmetry. The doctor always knows more than the patient and this is what makes patients vulnerable to exploitation in many cases.

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