Evidence-based research is key to design efficient and universal health policies in low and middle income countries. Impressive advancements have been made on many health fronts. We aim to contribute to the global effort to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Health policy touches a variety of socio-economic and political aspects. By engaging with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our work investigates health issues with a particular focus on low and middle income states.

Specific areas of competence include: infectious and non-communicable diseases, maternal and new born morbidity and mortality, water and sanitation, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, intellectual property rights, ICT for health policy, brain drain, data and targets.


Infectious and non-communicable diseases

Sexual and reproductive health

Maternal health

Food, nutrition and health


Navika Harshe | A-id: Agenda for International Development

Navika Harshe

Research Associate

Gloria Afful-Mensah

Research Associate

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After all, the targets in SDG3 would carry greater weight, if patients didn’t have to rely on doctors or healthcare providers who are regulated by informal relationships guided by friendship or family or second opinions.  The need for better health care compliance is a pressing and growing need.

SDG3 has less meaning…

aprile 29, 2019
Achieving the World Health Assembly’s Global Nutrition Target of a 40% decline in the number of stunted children under 5 years by 2025 is challenging indeed. However, the adoption of a systematic and multi-sectoral approach, with a particular focus on scaling-up evidence-based interventions for tackling malnutrition in Asia and Africa, can make the accomplishment of this target a reality.

Achieving SDG targets…

aprile 29, 2019
The Italian healthcare system needs ambitious reform if it wants to remain among the best health care systems according to the World Health Organization index – that reform needs to be tech driven.

Reforming the Italian…

novembre 18, 2017

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis:…

gennaio 18, 2017