Migration and Refugees

An interdisciplinary and holistic approach to global migration and protection of people affected by displacement is key to challenge pessimistic narratives about global migration. International migration is a complex phenomenon that encompasses a wide variety of movements, cultures and walks of life. We aim to contribute to the global effort to move towards a development-based approach to migration. International migration and protection of people affected by displacement are complex phenomena that touch on a variety of social, geopolitical, economic, environmental and security aspects. Our work investigates migration policy in countries of destination and origin.


Specific areas of competence include: protection of people affected by displacement, internally displaced people, climate change migration, labour migration, skilled migration, development and migration, rights-based approach to migration, human rights, returns and relocation, integration and vocational training, diversity and inclusion.


Human trafficking

Return and readmission


Internally displaced people

Climate change and labour migration

Highly skilled labour migration


Corrado Fumagalli | A-id: Agenda for International Development

Corrado Fumagalli

Founder and CEO

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