Cities of migration

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There were 13.6 million newly displaced persons in 2018 - the equivalent of 37,000 each day of the year. ⠀@wef #WorldRefugeeDay ⠀
#refugees #conflict #society #humanrights ⠀

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging #noplastic #sustainabilitygoals

Politics is not enough! It’s important to empower civil society. Students, schools and universities are those worth investing in! #aidxsdgs2019

Politica, esperti, membri della società civile.. Tutti devono essere protagonisti nel raggiungimento di una società sostenibile! #aidxsdgs2019

The panel discussion starts! @LiaQuartapelle, Francesca Moccia, @TaszuC, Maria Cristina Papetti and Maurizio Franzini are going to discuss over sustainable development goals! #aidxsdgs2019

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