Can cities become “inclusive learning environments”?

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A-id is very proud to launch its new research cluster on Social Innovation featuring 3 brilliant minds, such as: @lucatric, @IDEA_L_S and Chiara Missikoff. Have a look at their first position paper on #socialinnovation

How timing can change democratic decisions in the EU --> "For a decision to be fully legitimate, it has to be intrinsically revisable and open, over time, to new and changing interests." Read our Founder @FUMAGALC on @lse @LSEEuroppblog

There were 13.6 million newly displaced persons in 2018 - the equivalent of 37,000 each day of the year. ⠀@wef #WorldRefugeeDay ⠀
#refugees #conflict #society #humanrights ⠀

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging #noplastic #sustainabilitygoals

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