• April 1, 2018

    Discussing and rediscussing difference

    We do not necessarily need wide-ranging ends. Small things matter too. From local security, bus stop spacing and locating, dress codes and noise. Everyday problems, if objects of deliberation, can be occasion of reasons-giving. They encourage reciprocal acknowledgment while letting the debate going.

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#EU designs the next Multiannual Financial Framework, which role will #SDGs play in EU policy until 2027?

#AIDXSDGS #10 studenti universitari stanno scrivendo una proposta di legge: 1 ora a settimana di multiculturalitá nelle #scuole elementari.

'The hope is that public discussion can be a potent means to achieve positive temperament and mutual #recognition, inspiring #participation in ways that are really meaningful to participants'. @Aidthinktank new special issue on #multiculturalism!

#Greece’s Island of #Despair

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