• April 1, 2018

    Discussing and rediscussing difference

    We do not necessarily need wide-ranging ends. Small things matter too. From local security, bus stop spacing and locating, dress codes and noise. Everyday problems, if objects of deliberation, can be occasion of reasons-giving. They encourage reciprocal acknowledgment while letting the debate going.

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This summer, @TheOceanCleanup launches the first machine to deal with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

"The long range hurdle for Paris is that it will prove successful only if it contributes meaningfully to the kind of deep decarbonization needed to contain climate change" #ParisAgreement

Devastating effects of the wars in #Iraq and #Syria raise the question of how to respond to political violence. Johannes Karreth and Jaroslav Tir explain their “optimistic view of how the international community can help prevent civil wars” #Iraq

Although macroeconomic indicators demonstrate improved wellbeing in Bolivia, there are still disparities among its population. @Anto_canaviri gives an overview of #Pluriculturalism in Bolivia based on the latest Census

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