SDGs in health where are we and what is holding us back

  • April 29, 2019

    Achieving SDG targets on stunting in children: Are we on track?

    Achieving the World Health Assembly’s Global Nutrition Target of a 40% decline in the number of stunted children under 5 years by 2025 is challenging indeed. However, the adoption of a systematic and multi-sectoral approach, with a particular focus on scaling-up evidence-based interventions for tackling malnutrition in Asia and Africa, can make the accomplishment of this target a reality.

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Redistribution with Chinese characteristics:

"China’s leverage remains limited, with many of the renegotiations resolved in favour of the borrower."

China renegotiated $50bn in loans to developing countries

Check out and download the last article from our two co-founders @FUMAGALC and @valerilauria - It's #openaccess !

"BRICS, the southern model, and the evolving landscape of development assistance: Toward a new taxonomy" Wiley Online Library

The contributors to the economic growth are not only coming from developed countries. Refugees are also very important factors 👇

The New Special Issue is out! Read about the new perspective on SDGs in health @National_Highwa

Happy World #RedCrossDay! Thank you for all the support given at anytime and any place!

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