Inequality and poverty

  • May 30, 2018

    Who is poor?

    Who is poor? How can policymakers identify households that are poor? This pair of questions, intersecting yet separate, have plagued academics, policymakers and civil society members around the world.

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this stadium will generate enough #solarpower to charge 500,000 iPhones or supply 7,000 households in Amsterdam for one hour #innovation #sustainability #RenewableEnergy

'It is easy to break down an destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build' #MandelaDay #Mandela100

global challenge for good - develop an autonomous robot that can address real world problems #innovation #ArmRobotChallenge

What if we could create a camp during the school year for teaching middle-school and high-school students about sustainability while experiencing the great outdoors? #youthsdgs #globalgoals

Given that mitigation and adaptation alone cannot alleviate all climatic harms, research into #climate #engineering should continue with legitimate oversight and regulation in place. #Geoengineering

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