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In the next article of our special issue, "Borders and Borderings", #JamesWang writes on "#Nationalism beyond #Borders: #Populism and the Politics of Anxiety in the 21st century" (1/n)

Do give it a read here 👇

"The fetishization and policing of #Asianbodies is central to the #nativist sense of self. The #pandemic has made the issue more visible in public forums, but it will take more than ##vaccines for the #violence to subside." (1/n)

We @Aidthinktank, are excited to kick- off the #NewYear2022, with the launch of our new special issue "Borders and Borderings".
Head to our website to read articles by our contributors.

It's International #MigrantsDay! Check out some of our work on migration and refugees, on our website.


Check out the new MPP issue with a new important piece advocating a holistic approach to migration management from Federico Soda (IOM-Libya), Corrado Fumagalli (A-id and University of Genoa) and @claudianatali (IOM-Libya)

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Mollie Gerver

Mollie Gerver

Episode #8: The Ethics and Practice of Returns and Refugee Repatriation with Mollie Gerver

In episode #8 of the A-id podcast, Mollie Gerver, political philosopher and author of ‘The Ethics and Practice of Refugee Repatriation,” joined us to discuss her book based and her empirical fieldwork in countries including South Sudan, Uganda, and Thailand.

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