This month: Migration and exploitation

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Check out @valerilauria latest article on @thirdworldq on "Chinese financing in Ethiopia’s infrastructure sector: agency distribution within and outside the state".

#ICYMI @Aidthinktank's latest special issue "For a more progressive approach to social policy" talks about #socialprogress #humanrights #empowerment

"#Marginalized communities should be given the opportunity to create, explore & share #knowledge in a #safer space together.”

Read our special issue, where we highlight the contributions of “Xart Splitta”, an NPO based in #Berlin. (1/n)

Read here:

#Income, #employment and #working conditions are some of the most important social determinants of #health.

Our associate @SabahBoufkhed on why global health institutions should meet essential workers’ demands of fair treatment and pay. @GlobalHealthBMJ

"@Aidthinktank is back with its much-awaited special issue for the month "For a more progressive approach to #Social #Policy".

Read our contributing authors exploring concepts like #socialprogress, #empowerment, and #humanrights.

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Mollie Gerver

Mollie Gerver

Episode #8: The Ethics and Practice of Returns and Refugee Repatriation with Mollie Gerver

In episode #8 of the A-id podcast, Mollie Gerver, political philosopher and author of ‘The Ethics and Practice of Refugee Repatriation,” joined us to discuss her book based and her empirical fieldwork in countries including South Sudan, Uganda, and Thailand.

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