This month: COVID-19 and inequality

  • ottobre 27, 2020

    Poverty and pandemics in Mexico

    Mexico stands out for being the only major economy that has not provide a significant fiscal stimulus to stabilize the income shock , as well as for its terrible management of the sanitary crisis.

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"We are not safe if some countries are vaccinating their people, and others are not..."

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa warns what unequal vaccine access could mean, during #DavosAgenda.

@CyrilRamaphosa @GovernmentZA

Watch his address in full:

"@MollieGerver for A-id's Podcast Ep. #8, explains to us when and what causes #refugees to be detained, discusses #EU and its #Immigration and #asylumpolicy and then tells us about #refugeerepatriation and some of the ethical conflicts that it raises."

Which humanitarian trends and crises should we be keeping a close eye on this year, and why? We’ve shared our list, what’s yours?

Youth Unemployment Rate👨

Spain🇪🇸: 39.2
Greece🇬🇷: 30.2
Italy🇮🇹: 28.8
Sweden🇸🇪: 24.5
Ireland🇮🇪: 23.2
France🇫🇷: 22.9
Finland🇫🇮: 21.9
Portugal🇵🇹: 21.5
Colombia🇨🇴: 19.3
Canada🇨🇦: 18
EU🇪🇺: 17.7
UK🇬🇧: 16.8
Australia🇦🇺: 16.6
USA🇺🇸 : 13.1
Korea🇰🇷: 10.9
Germany🇩🇪: 6.1
Japan🇯🇵: 5.2


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